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Septimus Consulting provides corporate training management services to MENA based businesses with a key focus on the oil industry.

Libya Experts

We have provided international training management for multiple Libyan clients from various industries including oil & gas, telecoms and Finance. We also work with European and American organizations who would like to operate within the country or may need a local expert who can navigate the territory efficiently and effectively. If you are interested in doing business in Libya then we’d be happy to help.

Oil & Gas

The Middle East’s most booming sector

Oil & Gas Training Management

You can see from our brochure the main topics we focus on providing for our Oil & Gas clients. We’ve based this on the most popular and highly demanded topics. We do provide bespoke training for clients who have a specific course program in mind. The brochure is written in both English and Arabic.

Banking & Finance

Banks, Private Equity, Hedge Funds & Financial Service Providers

Banking & Finance Training Management

Corporate Finance, Islamic Banking, Private Equity, Real Estate, Trade Finance, Investment Management, Risk Management, Project, Derivatives & Trading. These are a few titles for the most highly demanded training programs requested by financial institutions.


5G, Fibre Optics, Wireless and more…

Telecommunications Training Management

Telecoms is one of the key sectors across the globe and it is one that grows and changes rapidly year on year. As the transistor gets smaller and smaller, new technologies are being created and are rapidly replacing older methods. This fast moving industry needs to have  a workforce who can respond to the chance by being well trained and prepared.


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Who is Septimius Severus?

Septimus Consulting is named after the Roman emperor Septimius Severus who was born in Leptis Magna in the Roman province of Africa (Modern day Libya) and died in the city of York, United Kingdom. Septimus Consulting bridges the gap between Africa and the rest of the world.